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Haslingden Secondary Modern School Photos

Pupil Photo above for January 1942 - Class 1A
(Alan Papworth has kindly sent this photo. Please click over to enlarge -  It is Haslingden Senior School.
Back Row: Left to Right:
Leslie Wroe, Roy Buckley, Roland Whittaker, Alan Papworth, Joe Birtwistle, Arthur Westcott (evacuee from London), Kenneth Heys, Jim Ratcliffe, Tom Dearden, Derek Rigby, Robert Balderson, Willie Warburton, Alan Dunn, John Walmsley.
Middle Row: Left to Right:
Maureen Ahiss, Barbara Herring, Margaret Holden, Melba Kay, Jean Grimshaw, Violet Reynolds (Evacuee from Islington), Winnie Jones, Alfred Smith.
Front Row: Left to Right: Barbara Young, Edith Haworth, Betty Whittaker, Joyce Smith, Jean Camm, Barbara Page, Freda Kendal, Lucy Haworth, Dorothy Jackson.

1948 Pupil photo (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: kindly contributed by Andy Metcalfe

Haslingden Secondary Modern School A - 1948-1949 (Click over to enlarge)Photo: Kindly shared by Joan Lord and uploaded here on 14th September 2016

Rear: John Barnes, John Lord, Gerald Ainsworth, Colin Trippier, Bob Maden, Colin Maden, Terry Marsden, John Brockbank, Jim Haworth, Keith Halstead, George Tomlinson.
Centre: Brian Booth, Doreen Maunders, Janie Trickett, Prudence Whalley, Betty Barnes, Jean Tattersall, Florence Grey, Freda Smith, Sheila Hayhurst, Alice Barnes.
Front: Irene Maychell, Margaret Gibbons, Dorothy Bispham, Audrey Byeres, Dorothy Crompton, Joyce Cockerill, Phillys Bodycombe, Margaret Hodgkinson, Doreen Mason, Jean Lancaster.

(Pupil photo above for 1950/1951)
Photo above kindly sent in by Jack Pilling.
Back Row: ?,?, Jack Whittaker, Brian Whittaker, Geoffrey Bradshaw, Jack Pilling
Middle Row: Colin Grindrod, Alan Haworth, Jack Hartley, Geoffrey Heap, Gerald Green, George Ashworth.
Front Row: ?,Turner, ?,?,?.

Haslingden Secondary Modern School late 40's  (Click over to enlarge)
Mr. C. Hill (Head), Mr. J. Dean (Maths and Dep Head), Mr. Smith (Music), Mr. Elton (Tech Draw and Woodwork), Mrs Worswick (English), Mrs. Heap (Secretary)
Photo: kindly contributed by Geoff Heap and uploaded here on 22nd November 2015

Haslingden Secondary Modern School Class 2B dating from 1961/1962. Click over photo to enlarge. 
(Pupil photo above for 1961/1962)
Bill King has kindly sent in this photo. It is a Haslingden Secondary Modern School class photograph. Class 2 B dating from 1961/1962.

Back: Paul Taylor, David Taylor, Alan Barnes, Roy Barnes, Bill King, Stuart Bickford, Ken Parkinson, ?, Ian Walkden
Next to Back: Brian Knowles, Pete Halstead (Samson), Stuart Jackson, ?, ?, Mary Harrison, ?, Maisie Booth, ?, Peter Haworth, ?.
Second Row: Catrina Pickup, Ann Barnes, Maureen Ashton, ?, Mr. Pearce, (Gwen Whaley ?), ?, Anne Schevchick, Irene Kidd,
Front Row: David Blackledge, Jim McCracken, Stephen Briscoe, Ken Tattersall, Kevin Ward, Dave Blomley, Jack Southworth, Bryan Yorke

Haslingden County Secondary School 1960 (Click over photo to enlarge)

Front Row: Tommy Barnes, John Simms, David Desforges, Stanley RatcliffeHarry Yeadon, David Siddall, Donald Hendry, Cameron Haddock.
2nd Row: Lesley Brennand, Jean Pickering, Jean Hargreaves, Kathleen Shanks, Miss Swires (teacher), Pauline Ashworth, Olwyn Catterall, Sandra Cockerill, Carol Lord.
3rd Row: Janet Kenyon, Wendy Haig, Marian Ducworth, Elizabeth Holmes, Margaret Bargh, Olwyn Barlow, Anne Meynall, Joan Miller, Ann Kershaw, Bernice CronshawSandra Higson.
4th or back Row: Bill Gardner, Frank McCracken, Brian Lees, Jimmy Barnes, Stephen BrittenBrian Till, John Cassidy, Derek Gillam, Gordon Eastwood, David Smith.

Thanks so much to Barbara and Donald Henry and Sandra Smith for this great photo and also for naming most of the students.  (uploaded here on 17th Oct 2016.

Haslingden Modern School Football Team c1962 (above)
Back Row from L: David Blomley, Noel Grimshaw, Geoff Parkinson, Walter Gregson, Geoffrey Heaton, Stephen Kay, Geoff Higson
Front Row from L: Alan Cliffe, Derek Moorhouse, Richard Kay, B. Haworth, Ken Proctor, Bobby Wade, Malcolm Grindrod.

(Photo: kindly supplied by Jack Pilling 6th January 2015) Please click over the photo to enlarge

Haslingden Secondary Modern School Rugby Team 1963.
(Rugby Team 1963 above)
John Taylor has kindly sent in this photo of the Haslingden Secondary Modern School Rugby Team from 1963.
Back Row: John Taylor, Peter Lake,  Graham Joinson, Allan Bradshaw, David Killingbeck, Bill King, Ernest Gibbons.
Middle Row: (unknown) Geoff Heaton, Bobby Wade, Jack Southworth, Ian Rishton
Front:: Brian Knowles, Tony Tomlinson, Alan Hartley.

Bobby Wade who now lives in France filled in a couple of the missing names in the above photo and also mentioned the following: Peter Lake (moved to London area later with family.  Tony Tomlinson (lived at Rising Bridge - his brother was at HGS and an all round sportsman. Tony ("Bean") and Dave Killingbeck played for Blackburn R.U.F.C. for about ten years having started to play there with Wade and Ernest Gibbons (who later went to Agricultural college, and I bet carried on playing rugby). - Notes by Bobby Wade 7th August 2015

Haslingden Secondary Modern School Rugby Team 1963/1964 season
(Rugby Team 1964 above)
Bill King has kindly sent in this photo.  It is a Haslingden Secondary Modern School Rugby Team for the 1963/1964 season.
Back: ?. James Heaton, Derek Gillam, Bill King, David Wise, Mark Barnes, ?
Front: Stuart Mason, Dave Dewhurst, John Lord, Jim Southworth, ?, John Burnett, ?

Thanks also to Sandra Smith for naming some of the missing rugby players.

Haslingden Secondary Modern School Basketball Team c1963.
(Basketball Team 1963 above) (Photo kindly supplied by John Taylor -names kindly supplied by Allan Bradshaw.)
Back: Derek Moorhouse, Allan Bradshaw, Bobby Wade
Front: John Taylor, Ken Procter, Geoff Heaton, Jack Southworth, Graham Joinson

Arts Class with Mr. Hinckley around 1962/3
Arts Class 1962/3 (above) (Photo kindly supplied by John Taylor)
(Students Assembly: 1962 above)
Jim Nuttall has kindly sent in the above photo of students at the Haslingden Secondary Modern School, taken within the Main Hall during either 1962 or 1963...

School Party from Squires Gate Airport with Mr. Dean and Mr. Evans 1962
1962 Squires Gate Airport Blackpool (above)  (Photo kindly supplied by John Taylor)

Haslingden Secondary Modern School around 1950/1952 - A student exchange with a school
in Sudbury, Suffolk (Photo: Harold Stott better known as Sam Stott

Haslingden Secondary Modern School around 1950/1952 - A student exchange with a school
in Sudbury, Suffolk (Photo: Harold Stott better known as Sam Stott

The cast and crew of a production of Fiddler On The Roof - 1950-1952 Haslingden Secondary
Modern School. (Photo: Harold Stott better known as Sam Stott)

Haslingden Secondary Modern School Classes 3a and 4a of 1950
(Photo: Harold Stott better known as Sam Stott)
The above three photos have been kindly sent in by Harold Stott (Sam), and Sam is wondering if anyone has got any photos of the School Brass Band formed about 1950/1951, also the school orchestra from this era.  The instruments paid for partly by huge collections of newspapers and jam jars which were stored for collection in the school celler.  Sam's claims to fame were that he used to play the cows horn on occasions at the Astoria in his well spent youth.  Also he was a apprentice gardener which was one of his Saturday morning jobs which included winding up the Memorial Clock in Jubilee Park.

A photo of the School Orchestra from the 1950s

This is also the school orchestra from 1950.  Mr. Smith is the music teacher on the left side. 

Haslingden Secondary Modern School Brass Band c1950
Email from David Greenwood dated Dec 29th 2014:

Hi Bryan
I have seen your blog regarding Haslingden Secondary Modern School brass band and would like to add some more points of interest for your readers.
In the late fifties until 1961 I was a member of the band eventually becoming solo euphoniumist, and I remember recording twice for the BBC Manchester for their schools programmes
The first time we recorded in the hall at school and afterwards we could buy a copy of the recording for 17and 6pence which was a lot of money then when most people were not on 20 pounds a week. I have still got this record which is a one sided 7 inch E P  Possibly the only one left!
The second time we recorded was for a Christmas carol programme and we did this in the school playground between the hall and the gym,
Members of the band that I can remember were
DUNCAN BURGESS                                  SOLO CORNET
ALAN BEECH                                              TROMBONE
JOHN HANSON                                          TENOR HORN
BARRY DANN                                             Bb BASS
KENNETH MADEN                                   TROMBONE
A lot of us were also in either Haslingden or Helmshore brass bands respectively before they merged together
I do not remember ever having our photos taken whilst at school
I hope this might be of interest to your bloggers



Sketch Plan of School around c1960 with other memories 

Haslingden Secondary Modern School c1960 teachers.
Back Row from L: Mr. Inkley (Art), Mr. Pilkington, Mr. Elton (woodwork), Mr. Cockerill (history), Jack Ayrton (Maths) ?,Mr Salt (geography), Mr. Hayhirst (Commercial studies), Fred Scar (French), Mr Jones (music).
Middle Row from L: Mr. Pearce (French), Mr Taylor (PT - lads), Mr. Smith (Music), Jasper Stirling (Scripture), Harry Dean (art), Peter Colbourne (science),Mr Phillipson?,?
Front Row from L: Miss Swires, Miss Wilson (Music), ?, Mr. Dean (deputy head), Mr Clem Hill (Headmaster), Miss Worswick (English), Miss Titherington (Domestic), Miss Heap and later Mrs Hayhurst PT teacher (girls), Mrs. Nelson

Thanks to Pauline Emmett Dagg for sending in this old newspaper cutting.  Sadly its not the best quality but still I managed to recognise these.  If you can add any names please let me know! Thanks also to: Pauline, Sandra Smith  and Ian Stuart Walkden for help with the names on this photo.

Photo: kindly sent in by Pauline Emmett Dagg on 7th Feb 2015

 Haslingden Modern School - Dinner Time Club

This is a fabulous photo of the Haslingden Modern School, dinner time club which was held in
the main assembly room and commenced at about 1230hrs and would carry on until 1300hrs
with all the latest pop records.  I can recognise one or two on this photo: Gwen Woods the blonde in the couple to the left hand side next to the back, also Elaine Astin on the right hand side front couple. There is probably more when I get the chance to look more closely. 
Photo: kindly sent in by Pauline Emmett Dagg on 13th February 2015 - Click over to enlarge

Hi Bryan... I found the picture of the dinner time club.... Names from the top; ?? and Sheila White...Kathleen Leach and Vera Judson....Gwen Woods and Jenny Hodgkinson R.I.P.....Barbara Stott and Margaret Smith ?... Muriel Kane ?and Julie Hague... Pauline Emmett and
Carole Edwards... Christine Naylor and ??.... Elaine Astin and Margaret Hall R.I.P... .... I hope some people find it interesting.... Pauline...xx

Haslingden Secondary Modern School c1948  (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly contributed by Andy Metcalfe and uploaded here on 13th November 2015

Haslingden Secondary Modern School - 1948 - Llandudno  (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: kindly contributed by Andy Metcalfe and uploaded here on 13th November 2015

Haslingden Secondary Modern School c1948 (Click over photo)
Photo: Kindly contributed by Andy Metcalfe and uploaded here on 13th November 2015

Haslingden Secondary Modern School c 1948 (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly contributed by Andy Metcalfe and uploaded here on 13th November 2015

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Haslingden Wheelers Cycle Club, Allotment Society and other Clubs etc

Here is a photo of a badge sent in by Jim Nuttall of the Haslingden Wheelers Cycle Club, the badge is silver and hallmarked.

a update from Jim Nuttall. "Just an update about the HW badge.

I rang my sister last night,and she told me that she has had a look at a census for around 1901, and found that our grandad Harold Butterworth, worked as an apprentice at a cycle works in Haslingden.

I can't find any information about the cycle works, on the internet.

Jim Nuttall

Update: 15th October 2010: Jim Nuttall has just sent the following information on the Haslingden Wheelers Club which he has kindly received from Tricia Kenny:

"Haslingden cycles were made at Croft Cycle Works, behind Higher Deardengate, which was started in 1882 by John Stancliffe Cordingley. The Trade Directory of 1909 lists him at 26 Deardengate, a bicycle agent and manufacturer, in 1913 he is listed at the same address but is now a motor car agent and dealer. John Cordingley held the cycling championship of Rossendale for 7 years in succession from 1886 to 1892

I haven't found a date for the start of the Haslingden Wheelers Cycling Club, but assume it's around 1882-3? Here at Rawtenstall Library we have a copy of a National Cyclists' Union 'License to race as an amateur' for John James Holden of Haslingden, member of the Haslingden Wheelers Cycling Club, dated March 1902.

Tricia Kenny.

Does anyone have any further information etc on the Cycle Works in Haslingden?

Look at these old Haslingden "cycling related photos"..... top) is Cordingleys Cycling Shop which was on Blackburn Road, where Laws the butchers is now (at the side of the Black Bull) 2) Georgie Berry on his penny farthing in 1944 3) Richard and Will Moorhouse with their penny farthings in 1891 and 4) Will Moorhouse on the penny farthing and Jim Crankshaw on the cycle at Flaxmoss in c1930.
Haslingden Wheelers Club  (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: kindly contributed by Kaye Ridings.  The photo shows Kaye's father Mr. John Henry Kay who is on Row 2 and 2nd from the right hand side.

Above is a "Annual Ball" programme for the Haslingden Wheelers and Motor Cycle Club from 1926.
The Programme was kindly supplied by Marie Ives


Haslingden Allotments Society

Haslingden Allotment Society  (Click over photo to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly contributed by Dave Wise and uploaded here on 27th October 2015

Additional information kindly supplied by Elizabeth Smethurst on 29th October 2015

"Just seen this on the site and wondered if you wanted some names to go with it.  I think it was taken in the late 1950s or early 1960s.
I can't name the first 3 men from the left on the back row, but the next one is my father, Clifford Willis, then don't know, then Mr. Craig, who was Parks and Cemeteries chief for the Council, 2 more unknown and finally Harold Taylor who worked with my father at Duckworth Clough Mill.
Front row I should know the first man but can't name him but he used to win lots of prizes at the show and I think lived in Helmshore.  Next to him is Billy Johnson, then Bob Spiby, who was the secretary of the society for many years, Sam Good and Reg? Whitham.  Don't know the other two.
The Allotment shows were held in the Public Hall every September.

Additional information kindly supplied by David Wise on 1st November 2015. On the back row the 2nd one from the L is Jim Wise (David's father). Front Row first left is Mr. (Jack?) Ramsbottom. Also on the front row is Walt Taylor who is on the front far right and who lived on Broadway

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Haslingden Festival Schools Concert June 1959

(Click over photo to enlarge)

This was a collective massed choir from four Haslingden Schools and involved 200 pupils. There are lots of people I can remember on the photo, I have named some below. And I can also remember my headmaster at St. James which was Mr. Rawlinson, who conducted the choir. Also I remember the Chairman Mr. Parker who was the headmaster at St. Johns Stonefold, and lived on Rising Bridge Road (Hud Hey end), close to where I used to live. (Please click over photo once to enlarge.

Some of the participants I can recognize include: Maisie Booth RIP, Kath Waller RIP, Doreen Rushton RIP, Lynn Hargreaves RIP, Mary Harrison RIP, Jean Smith (1), Jim Rushton, Brian (Yap) Wilson, Ann Friend, Miss Dickinson Catrina Pickup, Pauline Stott, Dorothy Barnes, Margaret Singleton, Brian Lees (flogger), Arthur Diggle, Maureen Ashton, John Jennings, Sherry Holden, David Cole, Jennifer Edwards, Stuart Bickford, David Wise, Vivien Collinge, Joan Costain, Miss Pittman, Miss Barrow, John Beech, David Taylor, David Blomley, Jean Smith (2) etc.

Thanks to Jim Nuttall for kindly sending these photos.