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Photos, Postcards, Snippets, Notices etc (archived after one week......ish!)

Sammy Southwood kindly shared (19th Nov 2017) some old family diary notes from the 1930s:
Here are some excerpts from family letters to an ill wife/mother we have found from the 1930s which give a nice feel of Haslingden at the time.

From the son: 'On Sunday night, I went up Clifford and Aunty Alwin's and won 9d at cards. On Monday to a picture at Haslingden, 'Kalina'. On Saturday night after we left we went the football match at Blackburn, it was a draw Blackburn Blackpool. Saturday night to a picture, Laurel and Hardy in 'Jailbirds'."

From the father: 'I have just had some chips for my tea which was rotten, then I am getting stuck into the cleaning (oh how I miss you!) Your Bob came down last night and said Ada was going to take you to the Gay 90s at the Con Club tonight, but chin up, you will soon be home and you can have your job back willingly, and the cash accounts! I will now close as I want to catch the post, good night darling."


More brilliant newspaper cuttings have now been added by Jackie which include some great tales: Georgie Berry "The Carnival King" and lowering Grane Road to accept double decker buses under the railway bridge plus lots more: CHECK OUT BY CLICKING HERE


Fantastic! a photo of the great man himself - Bert Marsden (Blacksmith) - Click over to enlarge)
Never thought we would get one and here it is thanks to Stephen and Joan Nuttall. Joan and
her family (nee Watson) were good friends with their neighbours Bert and Beattie and it
the photo shows from L to R . Mr. Watson with his daughter Dot and Bert in the deckchair.

To Joan and her sisters he was known as Uncle Bert and was a friend of Joan's mum and dad (Arthur and Letitia Watson). Joan's family and Bert and his wife Beattie (Aunty Beattie lived next door to each other for many years (25 and 27 Park Street).

It wasn't unheard of for Joan to go out in to the back yard only to find a horse in the yard next door which Bert was dealing with.  The back yards were quite small so not much room for a big horse and a big man.

If you want to check out our Blog on BERT MARSDEN and his smithy please click here and scroll down. 

Another great photo which shows Bert and Beattie Marsden on the right hand side (Click over to enlarge)
With friends on the promenade
Photo: Kindly shared with us by Stephen and Joan Nuttall

the 1919 Peace Celebrations (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Stephen and Joan Nuttall

another photo of the 1919 Peace Celebrations (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Stephen and Joan Nuttall

August 1972 visitation to St. Veronicas by Bishop Geoff Burke with Father Iggy Knowles (Click over to enlarge)
Pete Gregory, Kev Kearney, Peter? Hardman, Owen Judge, think Vincent Judge & Mick Murphy
Thanks to Lawrence Gregory for kindly sharing this photo

(November 17th 2017)  We have now started a "new blog" called Newspaper Cuttings on Haslingden and Helmshore.  The cuttings are taken from a long time collection belonging to Jackie which she has compiled over the years.  The first contributions are taken from the 1950s when newspapers where just something very special!!  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE NEW BLOG


Aerial Photo of Haslingden Central (Click over to enlarge)
Kindly shared with us by Mark Barrett - Haslingden Tyres on Regent Street


And now yet another verse to "Knock it Daaern"

And now another bites the dust,
Which once a brewer’s dream abode,
And later a place where prayers were said,
And now all but memories are read,
Knock it daaern, knock it daaern.

St. Veronicas which previously was the home of Cpt Tom Baxter (Baxters Brewery)
(Photo: Bryan Yorke 2003)


The following photos have been kindly shared to the Blog by Sammy Southwood

Haslingden Bowling Club late 1980s or early 1990s (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared by Sammy Southwood

Front: Dick Rowe
Front Row: Kneeling Bob Bond, Eddie Bowery, Seated: Mr. Fred Haworth, George Heys, ?
Back and Middle Standing from L to R: Frank Nuttall, Dick Garnett, Gilbert Eastwood?, Arthur Lamb, ?,?,?,?,?,?,?

My Grandad is the child (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Sammy Southwood

St. James's Walking Day 1970 (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared by Sammy Southwood

St. James's Panto late 1970 (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared by Sammy Southwood

St. James's Walking Day - Regent Street - Date unknown (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared by Sammy Southwood

St. Johns's Baxenden - date unknown (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared by Sammy Southwood

Date or function unknown, but Great Grand Uncle Robert Rawstron is the child at the front (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared by Sammy Southwood

Photo kindly shared to us by Sammy Southwood (Click over to enlarge)


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Newspaper Cuttings about Haslingden and Helmshore

This is a blog which contains some fabulous newspaper cuttings, collected and compiled by Jackie.  These cuttings are taken from when newspapers were something even more special.

A Joke that lasted 40 years - King Carnival - George Berry (Click over to enlarge)

Steam Engine retired after 43 years at J.H. Birtwistles 

New Church Wall completed

Lowered the level of the road so that double deckers can get under the bridge OK

Gregory Folds vanished landmark

Haslingden family returning from holiday at Accrington Station

Haslingden busmen

Long Service Bandsmen

Haslingden Workingmens Club

Holiday week showing mills in bottom, taken from Church Tower

Mrs. Dodd at the Savoy making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday 

Parade of standards before the Remembrance Day concert at Haslingden Public Hall
(Click over to enlarge)


The next contributions are Pub related:-

Ken and Irene Moden at the Forresters 

George and Mrs. Melleleu at the Rose and Crown (Click over to enlarge)

Melvin and Marlene Billington at the Holden Arms (Click over to enlarge)

Tom and Barbara Jones at the Farmers Glory (Click over to enlarge)
also shows Arthur and June Holden

Sheila and Kenneth Kenyon at the Roebuck, Haslingden 

Frank and Doris Cooper at the Black Bull Hotel (Click over to enlarge)

Mr and Mrs. D. Morton at the Regent Hotel (Click over to enlarge)

Haslingden Co-op Hall (Click over to enlarge)
This is the venue where most of us had our wedding receptions

The first contributions are as follows (around the early 50s):-

Haslingden Workingmens Club Christmas Party (Click over to enlarge)

Click over to enlarge

Haslingden St. John's Ambulance (Click over to enlarge)

Clough End Coronation party - Shows Mr. Fred Barnes at Back (Click over to enlarge)

Haslingdens Annual Cycle Rally (Click over to enlarge)

Worsley Park Bowlings Club Champions (Click over to enlarge)
Father Christmas visits Flash Mill (Click over to enlarge)